Banner Advertisements of Aoitori

Welcome to Aoitori

Here we explain you about our banner advertisements.

Aoitori (blue bird) provides timely information for Japanese expats families and tourists. We boast unbeatable creativity and loyal support from Japanese community in Belgium.

Our principle advertisement space is Banners.


(1) AD TOP banner

The space you now see at the top of the page.

AD TOP is presented directly below our logo, and it is a place where visitors can not avoid to see.

We suggest to show 2 different sizes for this space according to the displays.

The desktop version is in very long landscape diminution, but for mobile devices, the height is increased to make it easier to get better image.

AD TOP is the most powerful tool to appeal your business.

(2) AD SIDE banner

AD SIDE is a banner displayed beside the content.

It is nicely located in every article in Aoitori website.

In the case of mobile devices, they are placed just below the article.

Basically, the order of the side banners is random.

(3) AD MIDDLE banner

AD MIDDLE is a banner that appears only on the home page.

This space is reserved for businesses deeply related to the content of Aoitori.


(4) AD BOTTOM banner

Just like the Top banner, we propose 2 sizes for the same space which change according to the size of the device.



TOP 250 EUR / month
SIDE 120 EUR / month
MIDDLE 100 EUR / month
BOTTOM 100 EUR / month
VAT not included



Aoitori is a social and cultural contributor for Belgium - Japan communities. Our articles are all written about Belgium in Japanese language. Our readers are also committed to this journey and support our media activities. Your banner advertisement will appeal to this particular segment of Japanese people. Of course, the banner will have a link to your site. You may connect it to a special page such as a seasonal campaign page.



Aoitori is a team of creative people. If necessary, we can support you create advertisement images or appealing texts. Let us share your ideas! (GIF animation is welcome as well)