Aoitori the Japanese Community Media

Aoitori the Japanese Community Media

Aoitori is a leading community website for Japanese Expats living in Belgium and also for tourists traveling from Japan. Our articles (all written in Japanese!) are about everyday news to must-visit-places, restaurants, business and ongoing events.

This Aoitori website is a project by Inspiration Publishing to promote Belgian culture and economy to Japanese market. Inspiration Publishing has published guide books with Royal Museum of Belgium in Brussels and Musea Brugge in Bruges. (visit our website)

We have strong connection with Japanese people and associations for launching marketing development on your request.


Your marketing Chance with our Magazine!

Since 2021 January, we have launched a new monthly magazine.

It's a take-free-paper-magazine but proudly with creative expressions.

Our readers enjoy high-end reading experience only possible with a printed paper magazine.

Belgian creators and companies are featured in the interview article.

We provide some articles written in FR and NL as well for Belgian / European people interested in Japanese culture and society.


Paper editions (online view)

The magazine is available at the Japanese Embassy, food stores, restaurants and beauty salons.

We currently offer affordable prices for placing advertisements in our magazine. 

You can prepare your design data, or we can create a new Japanese version for you.


MAGAZINE Advertisement Price List  (August - December 2021)



We are seriously committed to our mutual trust and responsibility.

If you are interested in talking with us, please send us an e-mail in English, French, Dutch or even Japanese!

CONTACT : Hiroyuki Yamamoto